Day 2 of my Raw Foods/Juice Adventure

Let me just say that it’s rumored the first three days are the toughest in any diet, especially this one.  9am my alarm clock rang and I just did not want to wake up.  Three hours later I found myself groaning as I got up from bed because I really wanted to just sleep the entire day; I was feeling so tired.  Honestly I think I would have slept more had I not had something to do at 3pm yesterday, and juicing for an entire day in one time takes a good while.

So, it was a little after noon and I had to drag myself out of bed looking the crappiest I’d ever looked in the mirror (even worse than having done two all-nighters in a row…).  I went to brush my teeth and put my hair up so that I could start picking out what I wanted to juice that day and what things I could pack for the party at 3pm.

For mid-morning, I had a wake-her-upper called “Maureen’s Spicy Tonic” which also aided in helping my throat out… Day 1 I was completely 100% lost my voice. Yesterday I was back up to 50% near the end of the day… The drink had pineapple, apples, and ginger, and I drank this after I had my morning “tea” (hot water, some lemon, and a little honey) to soothe my throat and ready myself for the day.

After as a snack, I prepared myself with a Waldorf Salad drink as I did the day before and I think I found my most loveable drink.  Haha!  For lunch, I made myself a “Ginger Hopper” to combat any kind of sickness and help my throat get better (ginger, carrots, and half of an apple).  I waited about an hour in between to drink each drink so that I could detox my body better.

For my mid-afternoon juicing, I made the Potassium Broth like the day before.  Before I had to go prepare myself to leave, I pre-made my dinner to bring to the party.  It was called “Harvest Soup” (I added a few other things to my liking and due to not having collard greens) and consisted of garlic cloves, kale, tomatoes, celery, a lot of spinach, and about 5 roasted garlic croutons.  It’s meant for being heated up as a soup with collard greens, or in my case a handful of spinach, added in while cooking, and then garnished with a tablespoon of croutons.

At the party, the hosts (my boyfriend’s cousins) had made some healthy entrees only one of which I would be able to munch on.  They had some green enchiladas with chicken, honey chipotle chicken kebobs, and separate dishes for guacamole and chips (or dress up the entrees however we liked).  I made raw veggie burritos out of the romaine lettuce, guacamole, black olives, and diced tomatoes.  Throughout the day I also munched on some roasted seaweed sheets and had some green tea.

I noticed the hunger pangs were far less than day 1 but still noticeable, and yet I was still tired.

I decided also to write down in a journal what juices and foods I had eaten for the day (for the rest of the diet) so I could be more organized in what I needed to get from the fridge or which drinks I would want the next day.  In an additional post I will relay some of the juices I haven’t put out a recipe for yet, for any of my readers.


Day 1 Juicing recipes

As promised, even though a day late, here are the recipes I used for the first day.  I’m going to have a separate post after this one for my Day 2 entry & recipes as well.  Hm I might as well make them into 2 separate categories so they can be archived better (one for Entries and one for Juicing Recipes….yeah I think that would be a better idea) for your/my use. 🙂

Also the two books I used for references (recipes and planning) are “The Juice Diet” by Christine Bailey (ISBN: 978-1-84483-964-3) which has recipes AND large colored photos, and “Juicing for Life: A Guide to the Health Benefits of Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Juicingby Cherie Calbom, M.S. and Maureen Keane, M.S., C.N. (ISBN: 978-0-89529-512-5).

I began Day 1 for breakfast/mid-morning with “Cherie’s Cleansing Cocktail“:

– 1/4 in. ginger root
– 1 beet
– 1/2 apple, seeded
– 4 carrots, greens removed

Juice together and serve. (Note: seeds in the apple and carrot greens are toxic so they are often removed prior to consumption.)

For my mom I made her a “Green Machine [Cleanse]“:

– 9oz pineapple juice
– 4 broccoli florets
– 2 celery stalks
– 1 tsp green superfood powder (I subbed with 2 kale leaves).

Juice and serve with ice.

I then juiced some beet juice (I read it helps with liver health/detox) to share between us.  It sure stained our teeth purple/red for a little though…BLOOD!! Just kidding 🙂  We drank and took a swig of beet juice to swallow down our milk thistle capsule.

For lunch I had the “Garden Salad Special“:

– 3 broccoli florets
– 1 garlic clove
– 4-5 carrots, greens removed  OR 2 tomatoes
– 2 stalks celery
– 1/2 green pepper

Juice in order, and serve.

I think that was by far the worst one I’ve ever tried…was like drinking a garlicky version of marinara sauce, but really watery.

For happy hour, I made the “Waldorf Salad“:

– 1 green apple, seeded
– 1 stalk celery

Juice and enjoy (especially relish in the moment after that last one drink I had haha).

For dinner I called it the Veggie Tonic Cleanser…at the time I didn’t remember the name but it’s really “Potassium Broth“. …yeah.

– handful parsley
– handful spinach
– 4-5 carrots, greens removed
– 2 stalks celery
(I added 1 pear for sweetness & 1/4 in. ginger for spice)

Obviously juice and serve.

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