Day 5, 6, 7, and 8

Oh boy…there’s a lot to catch up here.  My bad…. haha.  Well where do I start here?  I can remember vaguely about Day 5 as I watch Food Network on TV.  I know that I continue wanting to try new recipes out as I did the day before.  I also had no more spinach so that’s why I had to find recipes that didn’t contain spinach.

I now have such an admiration for eating vegetables like spinach and carrots, which have been a staple in the past few days of my juicing.  I also have a better understanding of how much money I spend on foods that I do not necessarily need (i.e. chips, cookies, etc.) and basically things that spike my cravings (salty or sweet foods).  I find myself nowadays to only grocery shop when I really need something, or when I am out of an item that I need for the next few days.  Also vegetables and fruits, overall, is less costly than other foods, especially processed foods and even meats.

Okay.  I think that is enough babbling on.  Here’s where I tell you the different recipes I used and what I think about them.  Recipes will come on a different entry like with the other days I have posted.

On day 5 I kick-started my mid-morning with a “Lemon Green Cleanser” which has celery, kale, apples, a lemon, and a little bit of green superfood powder.  That part is optional if you do not have reach to any (a bottle of superfood powder is normally pretty pricey so that’s the reason for it); just add some more green vegetables or wheatgrass if you have any on hand.  It wasn’t bad and it wasn’t my favorite either; the powder made the juice a bit bitter but the lemon added some tartness which helped on the taste.

For lunch I had the “Year-Round Cleansing Cocktail”, which I posted on my Instagram (if any of you have followed), which makes a rather pretty juice with green, pink, and orange colors prior to mixture.  The drink consists of parsley, wheatgrass (or green superfood powder), carrots, celery, apples, and a beet.

Going along with the cleansing theme I chose to make the “Liver Mover” for the mid-afternoon which consists only of apples and a beet.  Sweet-tasting and dark red-purple in color and goes in and out of my system faster than water no joke.  For happy hour I went with a “Green Tea Cocktail” to add a little green tea to help with weight loss.  I think I ended up brewing the tea a little too long because wow was it bitter!  The cocktail contains apples, a lemon, ginger, and some brewed green tea.  Oh my word was the first sip bitter.

For dinner I made myself and my mom some cooked “Vegetable Broth” which wasn’t really a broth at all and more like pureed vegetable soup.  We were to eat 1-2 cups per day to help with detox and liver function, I’m told.  It has chopped green beans, zucchini, celery, parsley, some ginger (or whichever seasoning–cayenne pepper, garlic, black pepper, no salt), and a tiny bit unsalted butter.

Day 6 was a bit of a rush for me because I had to prepare my breakfast, mid-morning, lunch, and mid-afternoon prior going to class.  I started out with an “Energy Shake” to rev up my morning and give me energy.  It is mostly parsley with carrots.  Then I rounded off my morning with a mid-morning juice “Body Cleanser” which had cucumber, beets, an apple, and carrots.  It sounds similar to another cleanser cocktail which substitutes cucumbers for pineapple; less tart than the other but very refreshing.  For lunch I ate 2 cups of the vegetable broth that I made the night before and added a little more cayenne pepper for spice.  As a happy hour drink, or really a mid-afternoon, I made the “Summertime Punch” which is supposed to help with muscle cramps (I think I should have made this after class had I known we were going to run–there was no inclination from the first class that we were going to do anything besides a class introduction and signing in those who wanted to crash the course.  The punch has green grapes, lime, celery, and an equal amount of water.

Once I came back from a surprise rigorous exercise in class I made the “High Calcium Drink” which obviously gives you a lot of calcium but also aims to lower cholesterol or prevent blood clots from forming.  Kale, parsley, and carrots form this drink.  Before I went to sleep since I still had a little cough, I made myself some ginger tea (with chopped and minced ginger) with honey.

On Day 7 I had yet another rushed day as I forgot I had a meeting around noon at school and then a night class.  I started out my day with some oatmeal and a little soymilk, then had a “Green Surprise” for my mid-morning.  The “Green Surprise” has kale, green apples, and a lime twist (the surprise is that you don’t really taste the kale).  I then took some crackers and water with me for the meeting.

When I got back home I drank the rest of my Bolthouse Green Machine drink I bought at school because the meeting ran a little long.  I only buy store juice whenever I have no time to juice at home, and it’s not too often I do this because I get more nutrients out of freshly made juices than with ones at the store which likely have been juiced farther than 36 hours prior (I read most of the nutrients escape after the 36 hours pass).  For happy hour I made an “Applemint Fizz” which has fresh mint, green apples, a lemon wedge, and sparkling water.

Prior to my night class I made the “Fresh Complexion Express” which consisted of pineapple, cucumbers and an apple.  I also brought another Bolthouse drink with me, along with water, because my night class lasted 3 hours (I would be hungry between that time).  Before I slept that day I drank some chamomile tea and prepared my list of juice drinks to make for day 8.

Day 8 had to be challenging for me because I was going to my boyfriend’s cousin’s birthday dinner at The Boiling Crab in Mira Mesa ( and I would only be able to eat just one thing on that menu…if you look at the link it would just be the corn on the cob.  Very boring and very plain but that would be the only thing acceptable in this raw food/juice challenge of mine.  Everything else on the menu was shellfish, fried seafood, chicken tenders, and fries or chicken wings; nothing very “raw”.  I don’t suggest on eating the corn on the cob there, however, because the poor corns were overcooked.

For breakfast I went back to the basics; essentially that’s the first day I started the challenge.  I also had gotten more carrots and spinach back so I was pretty excited to reincorporate those two back in.  Also, I found out that without carrots and the spinach I had juiced in prior days, I wasn’t able to keep up with my energy as much.  I nearly fell asleep the night before in my night class, which normally wouldn’t happen had most of my juices not been mainly made from apples.  Apple additions are tasty and make the juice sweeter but don’t give me as much energy as if I had juiced any spinach or carrots.  I made “Cherie’s Cleansing Cocktail” and immediately felt as if all the good things had come back to me.  Cliche I know, but I missed carrots and spinach SO much.

After breakfast, I made the Waldorf Salad drink, and then made the “Potassium Broth”.  I wasn’t losing as much weight as I had in previous so I wanted to add as much greens in my juices as much as I could again.  Then I made a “Ginger Hopper” and added in some pineapple (my take on Ginger Hopper + Maureen’s Spicy Tonic put together).

For dinner, we went to Boiling Crab and I ate my 6 small corn on the cobs (plain) as I watched in sadness the other patrons eating fries, calamari, and seafood in general.  It was such a sad, sad night.  After the dinner many of us went to Yogurtland for some frozen yogurt.  I shared my portion with my boyfriend and we had the mango pina colada (has mango, coconut water, pineapple, and no dairy) swirled with strawberry lemonade sorbet; I know this is not entirely raw but we made due.  I added in chopped strawberries, chopped mangoes, and some almond slivers.

Now…onto a new post of the newer recipes I’ve used in days 5-8.  Sorry for the wait, everyone.


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