Days 9-12

Oh my word…. I have a lot of days to cover so I will do them in increments.  Sorry for making you all wait!!  Anyway, let me see if I remember what happened these past days.  It’s a good thing I decided to write in my daily journal (a physical journal and not just on the computer) about notes for each day and what I drank because otherwise I wouldn’t have remembered what I ate or drank at least at the top of my head.

Day 9 was when my boyfriend Mike decided he would try my challenge for only 3 days as a short detox, and to see how I have done it too.  On this day I had to double some of the recipes so he could drink them, and introduce him to the basics (I refer that to any of the cleansing cocktails) while easing him into the challenge.  I remember tackling it head-on and suffered nasty drinks so I opted to serve those to him.  Less than half the day into his first day, he wanted to quit and eat at Jack in the Box….REALLY!?  C’mon now…  However, he got the willpower (and some teasing from my mom and I) to continue his three-day challenge.  I mean 3 days is not as bad or long as 21 days.

In the morning just before his arrival to my house, I made myself a Pink Morning Tonic which consisted of a pink grapefruit and a red delicious apple.  It was a little tart and slightly bitter but I figured it was because of the pink grapefruit.  Once he arrived and it was mid-morning for me, I made Cherie’s Cleansing Cocktail for both of us.

He was exhausted, and likely still hung over, from the birthday extravaganza the night prior and slept through lunch when I was enjoying my oatmeal.  A few hours after lunch (around 4pm I believe) I made for the both of us a Digestive Special which consists of spinach and carrots.  He wasn’t too happy about me pestering him to wake up but he needed something else in his system after a couple of hours past breakfast.  About an hour after the Digestive Special I made for us a sweet concoction to balance out the vegetable taste (I don’t mind it much but he wasn’t feeling the carrots too much–he grew up in a meat-loving environment with not too many vegetables).  I was thinking of making an Applemint Fizz but changed my mind to making a Hawaiian Fizz, something that he might like because of the pineapple.

We snacked on water, crackers, and some roasted seaweed sheets throughout the day until it was time for dinner.  This was also when he was about to give up on his 3-day challenge.  To allow him to get something other than a liquid we went back to his house to make an open-faced Garden burger filled with mixed greens (salad) on top of a honey wheat sandwich thin.  I had about 2 more different drinks to try that day but was pressed for time to leave the house.

Day 10 was when I introduced celery and parsley to him that wouldn’t have just been tossed into food preparation.  I started myself with oatmeal and a side of an Energy Shake (he opted out of the oatmeal and just had the drink) which had parsley and carrots.  I think the drink came out to be about a cup in volume rather than something larger.  I also had to make all of the juices up to dinnertime in the morning because we had to attend a religious service at my temple (Buddhist holiday celebrating mothers).

For lunch I prepared a Carrot, Lemon, and Spice drink which had a lemon, pear, carrots, celery stalks, and ginger.  I wanted to bring something refreshing because it was going to be about 100 degrees F outside.  We also brought water bottles for thirst and for when we get hungry in between drinks.  Although I didn’t write it in my journal I’m certain we followed our lunch with some Cucumber Carrot Coconut Juice (courtesy of

When we got home from the service I made myself some Instant Soup (garlic cloves, spinach, cucumber, celery) for dinner and was dreading eating this due to the first/second day where I had the other soup and hated the flavor.  This one was actually either not too bad or I had become accustomed to adding juiced garlic cloves.  I added in a little cayenne pepper for some heat to aid with the weight loss.

On day 11 I had to prepare only for myself because Mike was going to bring store-bought juices (Naked Juice, Odwalla, etc) to work, and then have a salad with raspberry vinaigrette for lunch.  For breakfast I made myself a Morning Energizer which had parsley, carrots, and an apple.  I skipped my mid-morning juice to have some oatmeal and red tea because I was a little pressed for time for school.  I made myself a Melon Cooler for my mid-afternoon (cantaloupe, lime, mint, pear, and sparkling water) to help with the outside heat.

Once I got home from the traffic (yes I got out of class during rush hour, the worst time to drive on the road) and a small trip to the grocery store for some Bolthouse Green Machine because I was so hungry after my workout/class.  I made myself a soy pepperjack cheese and artichoke hummus sandwich (using honey wheat sandwich thins) for dinner while I prepared a garden burger for Mike.

Holla!  It was day 12 and I weighed myself only to note that I had gone down an extra 2lbs from the week before.  What a great morning it was going to be.  Losing the weight, and looking even better, each week has given me more determination to finish my 21-day challenge.

I started off the day with some water while I looked through Pinterest for more juicing recipes (also I woke up a little late in the day so I wasn’t juicing too much that day).

For lunch I made myself a “Cleanse [with the addition of spinach because I love that stuff]” drink.  No, it’s not really a long juice name but I had to add in the spinach part because it seemed a little important.  It had ginger, beets, an apple, carrots, and a handful of spinach (optional, but if you like it just add it) in the mix.  I snacked on some cantaloupe I had cut the day prior as my snack and then followed with some Instant Soup for dinner.

Just before sleeping I made myself a Detox Tea (also found on Pinterest) which consisted of lemon, honey, hot water, cinnamon powder, and cayenne pepper.  This tea is very similar to those doing the Master Cleanse diet (lemon, maple syrup, water, cayenne pepper) obviously with the substitution of honey instead of organic maple syrup.  It was a little tart and also very spicy because I may have accidentally dumped in too much cayenne pepper in my tea.  Hah I’m a little clumsy.

I went on the rest of of my night looking through my books for more recipes for the next day.  Coming up in another post are the recipes I used for days 9-12.  After that will be a continuation of entries for the rest of the days up to today, and their respective recipes.


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