It’s alive!!!

At least that’s what I think Frankenstein’s creator said when his creation came to life…

I have been away too long, and I’m really sorry about that.  Let’s see if I can recap what went on since Thanksgiving.  After countless tries, I made the Coconut Pumpkin Pie and served some Oreo Turkeys alongside my pie.  There isn’t a Thanksgiving meal without the turkey; no matter how sickingly sweet it is. 🙂

The Oreo Turkeys were a hit amongst the kids!  I think my nieces scarfed down about 12 of the turkeys I made for my relatives’ feast in about 2 hours (usually they would have probably lasted a shorter time, but their aunts and uncles –myself and my cousins–all told them they had to wait until every other kid had one).  I’m pretty sure that wait in-between was torture.

When I find the recipes amongst my piles of paper upon my desk I’ll post on here for whenever your next occasion arises and you can use them.  (*Note: the Oreo Turkeys can be transformed into other characters if you would like.  All it takes is some imagination and more candy.)

Close-up of Oreo Turkeys

oreo turkeys in a line

Coconut Pumpkin Pie

coconut pumpkin pie topped with 2 oreo turkeys

The pie also went away pretty fast.  I had made two 9″ pies that day for two separate Thanksgiving feasts (one for my relatives and the other for my boyfriend Mike’s relatives).  I don’t know how long it took for the one at my relatives to go away because I had to leave early, but the one at Mike’s house was eaten up in roughly 3 hours.


A few weeks after Thanksgiving a couple of my friends and I decided to have our annual Foodie Night, which this time had a theme of “Make Your Own Pizza” Night.  With that said, you could bring your own toppings to make your own special pizza.  A year prior, we had the same pizza night and I remember a friend of mine made Carne Asada Pizza…and WOW was it good.  Apparently this time we forgot to take pictures of all the pizzas we had made before consumption because I only have one picture of food in my folder; the rest were of friends and guys playing Rock Band.


a plethora of pizzas for Pizza Night

 I guess we (the rest of the cooks/chefs) were too busy packing out the dough, which was made the night before.

Between the pizza night (Dec. 18, 2009) and a few days before Jan. 14, I was busy with the flu (and H1N1 to the speculation of my doctors, although tests weren’t performed so it’s unclear).  I also had finals a few days prior to pizza night and since then I have just been extra busy with school work, as to the reason why I stepped off the face of the Earth on this blog.


I also went on a little vacation with Mike and three of my other friends to South Lake Tahoe from Jan 13-17, 2010 and didn’t bother taking food pictures up there.  My friend, Kevin, and I were the DFAs (Designated Food Handlers) you could say.  We were the only ones up there that were heavy foodies and thus was our appointed titles.  He made his drunken chicken drumsticks that lasted 2 meals (1 night and the following lunch), and we jointly made some beef pho.  Mike and Kevin made breakfast each morning.  Since it was mad cold up there we kept ourselves warm with some Gentleman’s Jack, Cherry Pepsi, Coke, and some chai lattes.  Normally I keep this blog for food, but you can see where I spent most of my time:

View of South Lake Tahoe, NV

climbing to 9000+ft

5000-some ft. is the rest of civilization, whereas we were heading to 9136ft where you couldn’t feel your nose or lips, nor whether or not your boogers were free-flowing down your face.  Weirdly enough, this was in South Lake Tahoe, NV (about 10 mins from South Lake Tahoe, CA) at the Heavenly Resort.  We just a took a bus from the CA side to go to the NV side.  The trip was exhilarating and I recommend it, although take caution if you’re not used to such high elevation; I was winded out after 5 mins of being up there.


I will occasionally stop by here and post up more pictures of food from restaurants I went to, as well as recipes I have used.

Look for a banana nut bread recipe that my mother and I used from a book she photocopied in the 1980’s which we experimented to our own tastes, as well as upcoming photographs from birthday events that have passed in which I made a cake or the like.  Until then, happy eatings!


About foodieh3aven

Hello world. Let me first introduce myself to you. I’m currently 26 and pursuing a degree in Administration of Justice with an emphasis in Investigations. I have always been a fan and contributor to the food world as far as I could remember, whether or not it was through my eyes of watching my mom or other adults cook, eating at restaurants, or even at my own experimentation with food. I have been coined, through friends, as the Dessert chef. Why, you may ask? My friend Diana, aka: Di, and I like LOVE food and making food. She does mostly the appetizers and food-food, while I cater more to the desserts. However, we aren’t just stuck in our own arenas but dive into each other’s as well. Both of us experiment based on tastes, flavors, smells, and common knowledge of food to make oh, so yummy food. This will be my blog about my adventures, pictures included, through food. I will also delve into details on recipes as well for all of the other foodies in the world who would like to make them as well. Until my next post, happy eatings everyone!

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