So close I can feel it..

Can you believe it?  The holidays are almost here, and by holidays I mean the one towards the end of November and onward.  Why is that, I get to present and make another likable creation again!  TIRAMISU!  For those that have tasted my versions before want seconds, and thirds, and have even contemplated on hiding the rest of the uneaten tiramisu from others (true story).

I thought I would share that because I get so excited every year making that.  It’s tedious work but the finished result is phenomenal.  I remember when I first made it that my boyfriend’s mother would ask me to make it almost every time she saw me at their house.  No joke; you could even ask him and he would tell you the same.  Of course I didn’t make it every time, because well, some ingredients are very costly for me and I just can’t get them all the time (that would be the mascarpone cheese I’m referring to).  I only make it between the Fall-Spring seasons as it is when I can easily find ladyfingers for sale at the supermarket.  Anytime after that and I resort to using poundcake from the freezer aisle.

Look for that blog to happen in the near future as well as many others, like what I just ate for dinner today: banh xeo (the Vietnamese pancake), rolled with spring roll wrappers, mint leaves, lettuce, cucumbers, and dipped in a hearty peanut butter & hoison sauce dip.  Yum!

Until then, happy eatings!  Great things come with some anticipation. 🙂


About foodieh3aven

Hello world. Let me first introduce myself to you. I’m currently 26 and pursuing a degree in Administration of Justice with an emphasis in Investigations. I have always been a fan and contributor to the food world as far as I could remember, whether or not it was through my eyes of watching my mom or other adults cook, eating at restaurants, or even at my own experimentation with food. I have been coined, through friends, as the Dessert chef. Why, you may ask? My friend Diana, aka: Di, and I like LOVE food and making food. She does mostly the appetizers and food-food, while I cater more to the desserts. However, we aren’t just stuck in our own arenas but dive into each other’s as well. Both of us experiment based on tastes, flavors, smells, and common knowledge of food to make oh, so yummy food. This will be my blog about my adventures, pictures included, through food. I will also delve into details on recipes as well for all of the other foodies in the world who would like to make them as well. Until my next post, happy eatings everyone!

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