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Ahh I have been shaming myself on this blog.  Shame shame shame on me.  I’m sorry I haven’t been on here much to blog about the importance of yummy food.  I was aiming, at first, to blog everyday either on new recipes, restaurant reviews, or any events that I have gone to that had food.  However, I’ve been kicking myself into school mode since school has started (Aug 24), and have been lacking in this department of food blogging.

I do promise, however, that I will be making not one, but two recipes as desserts by the end of this week (and yes they are very kid-friendly).  Keep a look out for Thursday or Friday for a new post.  I thought I’d let you all know ahead of time.  Now, I don’t want to spoil the surprise because these two recipes will also be for this weekend because it is for my friend’s birthday…and a surprise it will be.  I don’t want them to not be surprised so I’m sorry to say that I will keep you on the edge of your seats as well until further notice.

Look for one of the recipes to be very familiar as you can find them everywhere in stores and restaurants (ie: some type of cookie), and the other to be a cupcake recipe…which should be rather new.  Oh no, I’ve done it now; I’ve given you your hints of the week and blown my cover.  So I guesss until then, happy eating!


About foodieh3aven

Hello world. Let me first introduce myself to you. I’m currently 26 and pursuing a degree in Administration of Justice with an emphasis in Investigations. I have always been a fan and contributor to the food world as far as I could remember, whether or not it was through my eyes of watching my mom or other adults cook, eating at restaurants, or even at my own experimentation with food. I have been coined, through friends, as the Dessert chef. Why, you may ask? My friend Diana, aka: Di, and I like LOVE food and making food. She does mostly the appetizers and food-food, while I cater more to the desserts. However, we aren’t just stuck in our own arenas but dive into each other’s as well. Both of us experiment based on tastes, flavors, smells, and common knowledge of food to make oh, so yummy food. This will be my blog about my adventures, pictures included, through food. I will also delve into details on recipes as well for all of the other foodies in the world who would like to make them as well. Until my next post, happy eatings everyone!

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