Happy Monday!

I’m going to apologize for missing in action for the last few days…  I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain on Saturday with a few of my friends and didn’t get home until pretty much the next day around 2am.  Needless to say, there was also one of my friend’s 21st birthday on Sunday night so I wasn’t able to log on and post my review of Jeong-won, the Korean BBQ place in San Diego, CA.  However, I will be able to post the pictures later tonight once I am done with classes for the day… Done!

Today was my first day at school for Fall 2009 semester..starting at 11am and continuing until 9:30pm.  I hope we get out early in my next and last class of the day because it should be just the syllabus stuff; that is, unless lecture actually begins today. 😦

Without further adieu, let me say a few things about Jeong-won, the Korean BBQ (all-you-can-eat) restaurant.  It is situated in a complex next to a billiards place on Convoy St. in San Diego, CA next to Cathay Bank and an International Cuisine place on the corner. 

It may take a little longer to be put at a table only because the restaurant size is not quite as large as others.  If you have a smaller party (4 and under) you will most likely be able to get a seat first, and if you have a larger party, odds are you will have to wait longer for a big enough table (or many tables put together) in order to be able to sit together.  The prices range from $9.85 (lunch) to $22.95 (dinner), plus tax and each person.  Sodas are $2 and usually with only 1 refill, so I would advise on just grabbing water, as there are 2 selections in the back of the room on their yummy iced teas.  Hot/Cold sake and other alcohols are also there for your selection and reasonably priced.  Their soft-serve is also really good and situated in the back of the room next to the various iced teas.

There are only a few selections available for the all-you-can-eat, but they come in a mass quantity at once.  Say you want some bulgogi (marinated bbq beef), they will arrive raw on a plate with about 10 strips of meat as well as onions, mushrooms, or green bell peppers, so that you can grill them however you would like yourself.  They do, however, have an unlimited supply of your appetizers in little dishes for each person (seaweed, kimchi, daikon, etc.) and korean pancakes, which are delicious, as well as one packed bowl of white rice to accompany the appetizers (you can ask for more if you run out).

[ oops will insert correct picture in later! ]

I always get the bulgogi, seafood combo, and vegetable combo whenever I go.  I once tried the marinated chicken, but found out that it was a bit dry for me while the bulgogi was juicy and tender.  My friends always get the tripe, liver, amongst others when we are there.  Pretty much for dinner at the $22.95 (+tax) rate with an order of water comes out to be $25 (with tax and a tip).  Prices aren’t too bad as you can definitely eat your money’s worth there.

Jeong Won Korean BBQ
4690 Convoy St
Ste 104
(between Opportunity Rd & Engineer Rd)
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 292-4670

Hours: Mon-Sun. 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.


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2 responses to “Happy Monday!

  1. Jenny

    this is not jeon won….this is a different korean bbq also on convoy where we ate before the tet festival. 😛

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